Learn German
The Teacher

Astrid Hoehne is a teacher with the focus in education of languages. 
She also cooperated in the courses of “Learn German Through Theater”. 
She is a Trainer for individual Trainings for people in German as a Language for Foreigners 
in all levels (A-C) and courses to arrange in alphabetical order in the cities of 


When I started my lessons with Astrid only one year ago it all was a big chaos in my head: many scattered words, no idea how in the world to use articles and no chance I could produce one correct sentence from beginning till end, which made speaking terrifying to me. Around 12 months later I have just passed the C1 Zertifikat exam and I can proudly look back at our successful journey together. Astrid’s lessons are so effective because she adapts so well to each and every person’s level, interests and needs and makes the learning process so interesting and pleasant. We communicated a lot and her feedback was always so clear, making me understand in a very natural context how the German language works. She is not only a very professional and experienced teacher, but a very charming woman too.

Thank you so much, Astrid! You are my favorite teacher in the world and I cannot thank you enough for your patience and support.

Oana Elena Stanciu

As I moved to Germany only a few knowledge of German from school reminded in my mind. 
I would always say that life is too short to learn German. 
It’s been now 10 Months since the Start of my German lessons and I’m very delighted with the result.
Astrid has just turned the language into something more simple with lots of sense.
There is no question that would remain unanswered and the Rules were really good explained.
Our weekly appointment was getting more and more pleasant as we got to speak a lot.
We could almost forget that we are having a lesson.
I’m really impressed to see how far we went together !
Thank you very much Astrid ! You’ve made it without stress and lots of care.

Thomas Fogelgesang

When I started the German course, I had already knowledge of German (I studied in Spain 2 semesters, I did some courses in Hamburg and I had during my internship everyday German course) but I wasn´t using it a lot. I was also doing a lot of mistakes, I had some grammar issues and I was quite afraid of talking in German.
With Astrid I did some exercises with some grammar topics which I didn´t know before, I requested also some topics where I needed help and we talked a lot, correcting me all the mistakes I was making. This course was really helpful and now, I am talking more often in German to all my colleagues! I am really happy of taking it
Thank you.

Juan Ignacio Cartón Sánchez

As I started my German course with Astrid, I had quite good German notions. Unfortunately that was not enough, as I was not using my German skills, thinking always that I make too many mistakes and that I cannot be understood.  Astrid helped me gain confidence, by discussing all-today subjects, doing exercises, to improve my language skills and nevertheless correcting my mistakes and explaining German grammar in a clear way. So, I gained confidence to speak in German in any situation. Currently if I am asked: German or English? I pick German. So, I can easily say: Target achieved!
Thank you, Astrid!

Patricia Dibla

Astrid was recommended to me by a good friend. You all know how it is.. nobody likes school and once you get older it is even more difficult to learn a foreign language. With Astrid was a complete surprise. She managed to make the lessons fun, to make a good atmosphere during the lessons. It's hard to believe that learning german it could be fun but it was. Especially the grammar. Trust me with Astrid the german language doesn't look so difficult anymore. She is a brilliant teacher and I recommend her without any hesitation. I have now became german citizen and this was not possible without Astrid. It's hard to find the words to express how thankful I am.

George Munteanu

I attended a German course at my company during five months with Astrid. Since then I have significantly improved my German skills, and it has helped me a lot in my everyday life. We worked a lot on my pronunciation and the interesting exercises were fun and very motivating. The course content was adjusted to my goals and interests, and many exercises were focused on the preparation of an official German exam. Thank you very much Astrid!

Ricardo Caja Calleja

I have worked with Astrid Hoehne for the past four years. I can say without reservation 
that she is an outstanding German teacher, and someone who has coached my German 
to the point where I can confidently speak German in my every day use.
I most definately recommend Astrid to anyone who is looking for an excellent teacher. 
She is nice, understanding, organized, professional and dependable!

Kyle Hawkins
Men's Lacrosse Director
HTHC Hamburg Warriors